To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Looking into a career in diabetes camp-counseling? Wondering what it’s like to sport some stylish outfits? Just interested in what I, JHU_Emily, do with myself for 8 weeks over the summer? Here’s your chance to see:

7:33 am: My first alarm goes off
7:40 am: I muster the ambition to get out of bed, get dressed, and go downstairs to help wake up my campers, check their blood sugars, and help them carb count for breakfast
8:00 am: I go and sit on the porch of the cabin to help my cabin’s nurse calculate the proper insulin dosages for each camper
8:28 am: The last camper boluses for breakfast, and we make our way to the dining hall for breakfast
8:33 am: Breakfast starts. Today’s menu includes blueberry bread and scrambled eggs, with the usual side of camp singing and cheering
9:10 am: We head back to the cabin to clean up the cabin and get ready for the day
9:31 am: The cabin is looking spotless (except for maybe my corner of the counselor area) and we head over to the flagpole to put up the flag and split into our respective activities


The inside of my cabin. There is a 90% chance that the tie-dyed sheets will find their way to Baltimore this fall

9:40 am: I, along with a few other counselors, are leading handball today. To spice things up, we play the game with cones on our hands; clearly we take the sport very seriously.
10:38 am: Time for a new activity. Today, we’re playing an all-camp game of capture the flag, a camp favorite.
11:40 am: Back to the cabin to check blood sugars, carb count, and give insulin for lunch
12:14 pm: To the dining hall, where we are met with a ruckus of cheers for today’s lunch: chicken nuggets. If you ever find yourself in need of some songs to sing about chicken nuggets, let me know; I have an entire collection stored in my memory.
1:00 pm: My cabin goes to arts & crafts, and I get a much-needed hour to relax and hang out with some other staff members
2:10 pm: All camp swim in the pond!
3:15 pm: Time for afternoon snack and rest hour. In Rainbow Ridge today, we decide to make some friendship bracelets while listening to the soothing sounds of One Direction
4:20 pm: Another activity period! However, to get ready for tonight’s cookout night, I use the period to build my cabin’s fire
5:20 pm: The kids come back from their activities. Some of my co-counselors help them check and carb count, while my other co-counselor Madeline and I start grilling the food
6:15 pm: With just one slight fire-related mishap, all of the kids have eaten, and I get to enjoy my veggie burger while keeping the fire alive


Who are you calling a weenie? Cookout night is serious business.

6:35 pm: S’mores time! Due to my lack of patience, I catch my marshmallow on fire and enjoy a nice blackened s’more
7:00 pm: I get some time to prep for tonight’s activity, called Foot Auction, in which several counselors paint their feet and hide under a sheet. Then, each cabin bets on the feet and can do whatever they want with their counselor “prize”
8:10 pm: Time for the auction!
8:18 pm: The oldest cabin on camp selects my foot, so we hang out for awhile

Tonight's auction items

Tonight’s auction items

9:00 pm: Back to Rainbow Ridge to check for bedtime snack, eat snack, and hang out with my campers for a bit
9:45 pm: I’m on 3’s tonight, which means I’m part of a team that gets up at 3am to check every camper’s blood sugar while they sleep. Because of this, I sleep in a room in our health care center with the other staff member assigned to this task
11:15 pm: After hanging out with the nurses in the health care center for awhile, my fellow staff members, Kristen and Devan, and I decide to take a little nap before doing 3’s
2:42 am: My alarm goes off, and I don my headlamp to check some campers
4:00 am: We finish in about an hour, which is a respectable time, and I collapse back into my bed to attempt to get some rest for another day of camp-counseling tomorrow

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.17.31 PM

Sunset over Diabetes camp