I’ve found that since I’ve been in college, I truly live out of my backpack. It is always with me, whether that be in my dorm, in the library, in the FFC, anywhere. So, as someone who is genuinely obsessed with school supplies, I thought I’d share what I keep in my bag at all times, i.e. the essentials that get me through my day.

I’ve been an L.L. Bean girl for life, but this year, I decided to branch out and purchase a North Face Backpack. It is very light which is a blessing when you’re walking from basically anywhere to Bloomberg, but it does have the downside that it literally will not stand up no matter what you do. Nevertheless, it has a ton of pockets.


featuring some pretty trees

School Stuff
This one is pretty boring. I have a notebook for each class, because I feel like taking notes by hand helps me internalize information better. I always carry my MacBook with me as well, since most of my homework assignments are on the computer and having this with me makes it easy to get work done wherever I am. I’ve had the same calculator since sixth grade, and will not leave home without it.

I’d be lost without my planner. It is everything to me. I go through phases where I’ll use my planner to write down everything, and other times when I’ll simply have a ‘Things to do’ list, but I rely on my planner to keep me on top of all my assignments.

My Water Bottle
I probably couldn’t live without my CamelBak. I also carry a few packets of Emergen-C with me to do my best to avoid the getting the dreaded freshman plague for a second time.

My Clicker
Many classes will use a clicker during lecture, as a way for us to practice problems and concepts, and as a way for the professor to know how well we understand the information. In my chemistry class, we get participation points for answering clicker questions, so this is definitely not something I leave my dorm without.

My Pencil Case
I hate wooden pencils, so I always have a million mechanical pencils with me, though I have slowly managed to lose some over the course of the semester. I also swear by the Pilot G-2 pens.

Yarn/Crochet Needle
Call me a grandma, but this is one of my favorite stress relievers. Sorry not sorry.