Long ago, I purchased a green Jansport backpack, and it is has since remained a faithful friend. Though the hole in the bottom of my eight-year-old bag is large enough to fit a water bottle through, it remains my daily confidante and the bag I set out the night before every day of class. In order to embark on a full day without returning to my room, there are several things I always carry with me:

  1. My computer: I don’t generally take notes on my computer, but some of my professors post lecture slides before class and I’ll keep my computer on my desk if they go through slides too quickly. Carrying my computer with me also allows me to go directly to Brody or Mason Hall when I’m finished with class for the day without going back to my room. I think the stickers are pretty indicative of who I am, too.IMG_4602
  2. My binder: Everybody has a certain way that they like to take and organize their notes. My method of choice is via binder. That way, I can just bring a ton of paper to class and put it into my binder when the day is done. It allows me to organize my notes, homework, and printouts any way I want. I can hole punch things so I never lose a folder. After the tragic loss of a folder (containing all of my homework) in high school, I try to steer clear.IMG_4603
  3. Textbooks: The joy that is carrying heavy textbooks really knows no bounds. The textbook(s) I carry are largely dependent on my plan of attack for studying and working for the day. Today I have my Cell Biology book but tomorrow will probably be Transport or Linear Algebra. There are daily lockers in Brody that I use frequently because they’re free and they encourage me to come back to the library if I leave them there. (The lockers get cleared at 7AM so I always go back before the end of the day!)IMG_4604
  4. Chargers on chargers: At all times, I carry both my phone charger and my computer charger with its extension cord. iPhones never seem to want to make it through the day, and with the insanely long battery life of a MacBook Air, I usually don’t notice that my computer is about to die until minutes before it happens. It’s a pain to go back to Commons if I’m studying in Gilman or MSE (even though neither is that far), so I always make sure never to leave without them.IMG_4605
  5. Pens, pencils, and pencil lead: I hate pens but I have a bunch just in case I need them. I almost exclusively use pencils (which are useless without lead) and all of my pens are from Mason Hall.IMG_4606
  6. Highlighter, Expo markers, and mini stapler: I have a highlighter because you’re allowed to highlight in rental textbooks (my favorite discovery) and Expo markers for the whiteboards in Brody because it’s impossible to find markers most of the time. I carry around a mini stapler for mine and my friends’ last minute homework stapling needs.IMG_4607
  7. iClicker: I’ve needed one for a class every semester. The only way I remember not to forget it is to never take it out of my bag.IMG_4608
  8. Wallet: I keep everything in here except for my J-card and keys, which I usually keep in my jacket pocket. That way, I can take my wallet out of my bag so I’m not tempted to buy coffee or snacks in Brody cafe (I have run up quite the tab in the past year).IMG_4609
  9. Miscellaneous: While I was rifling through my bag to find out what was in it, I also found Chapstick, a spoon, index cards, and my Rubik’s cube.IMG_4610