My winter break consisted of an assortment of activities, including, but not limited to: catching up with friends, spending time with family, working, Netflix, sleeping, and enjoying my time at home. I also might have become a pseudo-ski bum.

Here’s a breakdown of my winter break ft. my ~award-winning~ artistry:

December 17-19

‘Twas the night before my last final, when all through the dorm, not a student was stirring, not even a mouse. That’s because most of the Terrace (my dorm) had already packed up and gone home for winter break, save myself and five others. One of my floor mates, Liresa, won six free tickets to the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens from JHU Housing and Dining (IKR??!!). A study break was in order, so we split an Uber to the CineMark Theater in Towson and watched the AHHHHMazing movie. After writing two essays for the Contemporary International Politics final, I did some last minute packing and left for Denver. I arrived home at 12:30am only to wake up six hours later to go snowboarding with my cousins that Saturday.



Left to Right: Me, Matt, Allison, and their 6-year old girl who were on their way to Phoenix


December 20-24

This week consisted of last-minute Christmas shopping, catching up with friends from home, sleeping, sledding, and NETFLIX. Lots of NETFLIX.


I went to the mall along with some other last-minute shoppers.


My friends and I at Zoo Lights- if you’re in Colorado for winter break I would highly recommend coming here! Remember to dress warm- it was under 20 degrees when I went.

December 25-26

I spent Christmas with friends and family and proceeded to nurture my food belly the following day.

December 27-30

NETFLIX and filled out organization applications for the Spring semester.

December 31- January 3

My family (including cousins, aunts, the whole gang) went on our annual New Year’s Snowboarding Trip. We even tried our hands at skiing for the first time; let’s just say I have a newfound appreciation for skiers.


January 4-15

I have a part-time job at a doctor’s office at the Medical Center of Aurora scanning and attaching documents to their Electronic Medical Record System, faxing medical records, sorting and filing papers, etc.


My new best friend: the fax machine

January 17

I leave for Homewood and arrive just in time for the Broncos playoff game against the Steelers.

January 19-22

The one Intersession class I am taking is called B’More: Homelessness. This class is open to freshman only. In this course, we will explore the causes and implications of homelessness in Baltimore, present policies, and potential solutions. Guest speakers will come and students will have the opportunity to participate in service directly related to homeless persons.

January 25

The start of Spring Semester!