I’ve talked a lot about loving Baltimore, about having the opportunity to get to know this city we call home. To give you a better idea of what I, and many other Hopkins students, do in Baltimore, let’s see where I’ve been recently.


Homewood Field – If you didn’t already know, we had our Homecoming this past weekend. I can tell you that this past weekend was my favorite Hopkins moment so far. Not only was it great seeing the students wholeheartedly defend our beloved Blue Jays, soak up the sun on the Beach, and hang out on rooftops, but alumni and people of the Baltimore community came to join in on the festivities. Homecoming was one of the times I truly felt that Hopkins was not just its own bubble, but a part of the greater Baltimore community.


We love @MissTwist – photo cred Jilliann Pak

ACCE High School – Recently, I became a volunteer for Thread, an organization that matches Hopkins students (undergraduate and graduate) and other Baltimoreans with low performing high school students in Baltimore city. Volunteers and Thread students become (literally) parts of different families, and volunteers not only tutor and mentor these kids, but act as friends and support systems to help them through the challenges they face. On Tuesday, I met my Thread student for the first time at his high school and we talked, worked through some math problems, and just got to know each other a little bit over some pizza. Right off the bat, I knew that he was a good kid and I’m excited to continue working with him and Thread for years.


Joung Kak – After meeting some alumni and hanging with some brothers over pulled pork sandwiches, my big Winston and I went out to dinner at Joung Kak – a Korean BBQ joint south of campus. This was my first time ever eating legit korean BBQ, and man was it not only delicious, but an experience in itself. The meat was grilled right at the table for us, and Winston and I immediately went into a peaceful food coma.


Winston sweating a lot

Iggie’s – Yesterday was my friend Hana’s birthday, and we went out to celebrate at Iggie’s, a popular pizza place in Mount Vernon. This was my first time going to Iggie’s, and I was definitely satisfied. My friend Ronan and I split a pizza topped with basil pesto, garlic spinach, tomatoes, and goat cheese – an hour later, we both mutually decided we should have each gotten a pizza for ourselves.

IMG_9922 (1)

Inner Harbor – Ah, Baltimore’s most famous attraction. I actually went to the Inner Harbor twice pretty recently. On Easter, my family came down to visit and we went out to brunch at Ten Ten, walked around the Harbor, stopped by the Baltimore World Trade Center and enjoyed the nice weather. I definitely needed that break before going into a week of more exams and general college life busyness. The second time I went to the Inner Harbor was this past Monday, when the HOP had dinner all together. All I can tell you is that Italian food puts me into a deeper sleep than Korean food does. The HOP’s gearing up for the Nelly concert we’re putting together with the Spring Fair committee so it’s been getting pretty busy and this dinner was a nice way to just enjoy each other’s company. I was recently announced one of the Marketing Committee directors along with my friend Michelle, so I’m excited for another great year for the HOP!


Happy HOPpers – photo cred Saman Baban, selfie stick cred Regina Ferrara