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If you’re a high school senior, you know what March means. It’s a pivotal time in your life where you’re hearing back from all your top college choices. A year ago, I had no idea where I wanted to go. When I got into Hopkins, I was excited, but I wasn’t sure if it was the school for me. Fast forward a year, I could not be happier. Here are some of the reasons why I chose Hopkins:

  • Friendly people! I highly encourage visiting for SOHOP so you can experience this firsthand. I met people back then that I am still friends with now. Everyone I saw, whether it was at the club fair or my overnight host, was so friendly (and it’s not a façade).SOHOP Photo
  • The perfect campus size. Hopkins is big enough that you will always be able to meet new people wherever you go. Yet, it’s also small enough that you’ll see familiar faces. If you ever need someone to eat with at the Fresh Food Café (the freshmen cafeteria), I guarantee you you’ll be able to find someone you know.
  • Academic challenge! I have never been more motivated to work harder than I am here. Professors lecture on the most interesting topics, even though sometimes they’re bewildering. You will be constantly pushed to do your best.

And if you don’t take my word for why Hopkins is amazing, here are why some of my friends chose to go here:

  • “Hopkins has a flexible curriculum, which has let me change majors easily. As I took more classes at college, I realized I wanted to change from Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering to Applied Math & Science.” – Eashan Gupta
  • “I applied ED because Hopkins is in the best in the field for biology. Hopkins is a well-known name medical field and will prepare me for what I want to do later in life.” -Allen Tsai
  • “I really wanted to experience a new city. Baltimore gave me the perfect opportunity to do that.” -Alex Lim