To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

  With May 1st and the college decision deadline just hours away, many reading this will have already made their decision (congratulations!); although, the college selection process is not always so clear, and some might be struggling to select a single school from the dozens of sprawling campuses, enthralling school traditions, and glimmering academic opportunities. There are no universal right answers: this is something that everyone needs to consider for themselves; however, one piece of help I do want to share with anyone reading is to describe what made me confident that Hopkins was the right decision for me when I applied Early Decision almost three years ago. 

To start, the Interdisciplinary Opportunities at Hopkins excited me. I applied to Hopkins planning to study Biomedical Engineering (link here to my bme faq), but I knew that I had so many other academic interests, ranging from learning languages to graphic design. At Hopkins I could pursue a focus in engineering without limiting my opportunity to embrace these other passions. Moreover, at Hopkins, it was encouraged to cultivate these other interests simultaneously through our credit distribution requirement (as opposed to core curriculum) system. I think regardless of if you know exactly what you want to study or are still uncertain, Hopkins is the place where your fullest and most academically curious self can thrive. Additionally, when all these diverse fields of study and interest intersect, I think a lot of nontrivial and really exciting discoveries can occur both inside and outside the classroom.

I also love that all this opportunity isn’t limited just to our campus; there is a lot of opportunity to engage in Translational Research and Application. I love that students and professors here are not motivated just by their own academic curiosity but also by their desire to share their discoveries to educate and improve the lives of others. Whether through building 3-D models of surgical devices to help children at the hospital, working on cutting edge prosthetic limbs at the applied physics lab, or tutoring grade schoolers on our Homewood Campus, there are so many opportunities to go above and beyond the work that we do in the classroom and to help others. This feature extends the work we do here at Hopkins beyond just professional work but into vocational work and adds another dimension to the fulfillment that you can experience here.

These are just the two reasons that I considered when I was a senior in high school, but in the past three years I have found dozens of other reasons–big and small– that have made me happy with my decision to choose Hopkins. Congratulations to everyone accepted and good luck in making your decision and I hope to see many of you on campus next year!