I came to Johns Hopkins because the idea of studying here terrified me. Now, stay with me. I came from a relatively small high school in Puerto Rico and the thought of being a student at one of the best universities in the United States was mind-blowing. I couldn’t even wrap my head around the idea of how much coming to Hopkins would change my life.




Yet I knew this is what made it the best option for me, because it would push me to a level much higher than I was. It made me organize myself and look at my future, what I want and how I can accomplish it. It made me take courses seriously, and not just study for them, but truly learn about a fascinating field which I can’t wait to join. So yes, I was really scared but it was for the best of reasons.

However, the reasons why I stayed at Hopkins are drastically different then the ones why I came. Johns Hopkins is my home. To me, that’s defined by the place where:

1. My family lives. Yes, my biological family lives in Puerto Rico but the friends that I have made here are ones that will be with me for the rest of my life. They’re more than just friends, they’re smiles when you need them the most, they’re a shoulder to cry on when it gets tough, they’re partners when you want to go in a Baltimore adventure, they’re a support system that can’t be replaced.

2. I feel the most comfortable. Hopkins has pushed me outside my boundaries, but it’s managed to do that by accepting me for who I am and then telling me what I could be. There is a world of possibilities here for every type of student, and I’ve never had a door close to me without opening a hundred more.

So this is my home. I’m thankful for the reasons that brought me here and shocked at the many I’ve found to stay.