Ask anyone at Hopkins what they think when they hear “Greek Life” on their first day of class, and then ask again on the last day, and you will receive completely different answers. The perception of Greek Life in other schools is the generic idea you see on any movie, but Hopkins Greek Life is aiming to redefine that stigma. One of the absolute best decisions I have made during my time at Hopkins has been to join the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. I came into Hopkins with the same idea as most people, but have made it my mission to alter that perception of those who enter the doors of their dorms on the first day. The reasons I have joined Greek Life may be completely different than those of others, but the overall love of our Greek life system and confidence in the choice to join Greek Like is shared by many.

1. Brotherhood

My brothers are just that, brothers. I have been through ups and downs with them. I have had great first experiences with them. I have learned the ropes of Hopkins with them, learned how to navigate Baltimore with them, and learned how to be a functioning member of the Hopkins community with them. I owe the man I have become to the men who have surrounded me throughout my journey.

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2. Philanthropy

When I originally came to Hopkins, I was super worried that I wouldn’t have the chance or the time to give back to the community I call home. I love that joining Greek Life also meant joining a community that cares so much about philanthropy. Through Phi Delta Theta, I have been able to take part in the JHU Dance Marathon, JHU Relay for Life, and countless other fraternity and sorority philanthropy events. Phi Delta Theta also leads our own philanthropy event every semester known as Crab Feast in which we raise money for the ALS Foundation. I love being able to be a part of a group that gives back to the community that has accepted us.


3. Fun with Friends

One of my favorite parts of being in Phi Delt is having the chance to mingle with other members of the Greek Life community. I have so many friends in other Fraternities and Sororities, and I have also met countless amazing people through social and philanthropic events. We are able to enjoy many things together as a community, including my personal favorite thing, showing school spirit.


4. Scholarship

Since joining Phi Delt, I have spent countless hours in the library with brothers, studying, not studying, talking about politics, and just being college students together. I love that i have so many amazing guys that are willing to help me out with my studies at the drop of a hat. If it was not for my brothers, I honestly am not sure if I could make it at Hopkins.

5. The Alumni Network

I am so proud of the things that our Alumni do in the world now. We have brothers who work at Uber, Bloomberg, Google, and many many other places. We have brothers at top Med Schools and top Grad Schools. I am so humbled each and everyday to be surrounded by amazing people who, with no doubt in my mind, will change the world some day.

Mostly, I advise every Freshman coming to Hopkins to open their minds and their mouths to ask questions about Greek Life at Hopkins. Let us tell you what we can do for you. Let us tell you what we do for our community. Let us tell you why joining will help you to become the greatest version of yourself. Let us tell you why we joined Greek Life so that you can tell them same story in the years to come.