My heart stopped.  First play of the game and the football just hit Peyton Manning’s helmet. WHAT.

foto 1

bad picture quality but my boy Peyton enters 

Okay so before I continue I have to make a couple of disclaimers:

  1. Football is my favorite sport and the Super Bowl is one of my favorite times of the year during which I get really excited
  2. Peyton Manning is my homeboy and the fact that he led the Broncos to the Super Bowl was one of the best things to ever happen.
  3. Broncos + Super Bowl = me (drama + excitement)^∞
    foto 1

    see? I’m a #1 fan!!! my face was probably really sad in this picture. [photocred: my lovely friend Ellie]

As far as I can remember it’s been a tradition of my family’s to go to a Super Bowl party at my auntie’s house. When all the other kids started leaving for college I still went, cherishing the time I got to spend with everyone and dreading the year that I wouldn’t be home.  Over break when I knew that it was going to be my team at the big game, I was so sad that I wouldn’t be at the annual party. I wouldn’t get to help my mom make a myriad of appetizers and then stuff my face full of them at a socially acceptable hour. I was going to miss the friendly rivalries that surfaced between groups of people at the party and the fact that whenever my auntie and I supported the same team our team won (she wasn’t supporting the Broncos this year…I felt a little betrayed). I was going to miss explaining the songs at the half time show to my mom who always complains about the loud music (except last year when my mom rocked out to Beyoncé’s Run the World (Girls)), and I was going to miss helping my dad figure out when to place a bet on scores. When break was ending my auntie and I had a conversation about me flying back for Super Bowl weekend—the idea of not being home felt so strange.

foto 4

My friends ordered me half a vegan pizza I love them so much

foto 5

pizza + fanta because orange is the best color










foto 3

The girls take football intensity

But enter: my awesome friends. Our combined excitement for the game led us to plan a little party of our own. I woke up and donned my Broncos jersey in anticipation. As kickoff time approached the TV was set up in our suite, and pizza and wings were ordered.  When the game started I couldn’t believe how terribly things were going. My team was getting beaten to a pulp and the worst part was that the Seahawks were playing beautifully. I was as upset as a sports fan can get (UPSET), but I was also having a lot of fun, because it was great to continue the tradition of watching the game. I might have gotten made fun of for my comments during the game and for the extent to which the Broncos were losing but I was also told to never lose hope in the comeback. To watch the game with my friends reminded me that I really have found a new family here at Hopkins. Here’s where it gets cheesy, but I can’t imagine being in a better place with better people. So thank you to my wonderful friends and to the bigger Hopkins community for creating a home where I can laugh, learn, grow and be my crazy self. It means a lot.

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My friend Andrew shows Manning support. We later determined that the Giants jersey was probably bad luck. Sorry Eli but you didn’t have the best season

foto 2

              Happy Seahawks & Sad Broncos