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Why I Don’t Have Time for the Gym

This year my New Year’s Resolution was to go the gym more often, and for the first couple weeks of the year I was successful. This is because during Intersession I had ample time between class and homework for two-hour long gym sessions. However, once Intersession ended and second semester started, I became a lot busier than I could’ve ever forseen; my daily two-hour long gym routines became weekly one-hour gym visits. Even though I make it a point to go to the gym at least once a week, this isn’t enough for me to stay fit. However, the reason I don’t have time for the gym is perhaps a good one. It’s simply because I am involved in many things around campus, probably too many – and here are a few:


Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center

Digital Media Center (DMC)

I spend six hours a week working at the Digital Media Center (DMC). My primary responsibility is to assist patrons with checkouts of various media equipment (from cameras to professional audio). I also teach students how to use various software and equipment around the lab if they are having difficult time with them. You’re probably wondering: What’s a Neuroscience and Applied Math and Statistics double major doing working with media? Interestingly enough, ever since middle school I’ve had a fascination for videography. I used to make short videos with my friends and then edit them for my family and friends to watch. Even though this is still nothing more than a hobby, it’s definitely helped my approach many of my classes with a creative perspective. Over the years I have not only worked with film, but also developed my skills in photography and graphic design. Recently, with the help of some of my friends, I’ve been getting into music mixing and DJ-ing. There is so much that the Digital Media Center has to offer that I likely will make a blog post on the space alone. In the meantime, if you’re on or around campus – stop by. I might even be around to say hello!


The Digital Media Center!


Since I love film so much, I took it upon myself to gain experience in the field. I recently got another job working with the videography team for the admissions office. We meet for about four hours a week and work on projects for the Hopkins Admissions YouTube channel. Since I got this job only recently, I haven’t been a part of many of the projects they’ve made this year. Nonetheless, being on the videography team as well as being involved with the Student Admissions Advisory Board (SAAB) and Hopkins Hosting Society give me the opportunity to not only learn film, but also to interact with those who work at and visit the admissions office. By making videos advertising all the great aspects of Hopkins, I in a sense virtually communicate with prospective and admitted students as well as their families. To think that a video we put together could make or break a student’s decision to come to Hopkins amazes me.


Mason Hall – Admissions Office

Dynamic Perception Lab

On Mondays you can find me in Ames Hall working in Dr. Fischer’s Dynamic Perception Lab. The research conducted there is in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and aims to answer three questions about visual perception. 1) How do we isolate key contents of a scene? 2) How do we predict what will happen next as a scene unfolds? 3) How do we perceive a stable world in the face of noisy input? In order to answer these questions experimental data needs to be collected. Most of the work I do involves creating 3D animations and interactions of objects using Blender, a 3D modeling and animation software. There is a steep learning curve for Blender. Fortunately for me, I was used to 3D modeling as I did a lot of work with Autodesk CAD and Inventor in high school, so learning the software was not as hard as it could have been.


3D model I made on Blender!!


Too add to the two jobs and research I’m involved in, I also have an internship with OrcaTV through which I serve as a Student Ambassador for the Hopkins campus. OrcaTV in a nutshell provides college campuses across the country with the technology to curate university-related content submitted by students and circulate it across media platforms around campus. It’s my job to work with the Director of Content and market the OrcaTV platform to clubs and student groups around campus. So far, I have spoken to a couple student groups and have been pushing for them to use OrcaTV to advertise their events to students. Fortunately, the commitment to OrcaTV isn’t too much. I usually spend an hour or two per week speaking with club leaders and then communicating my progress to the Director of Content. Having this internship has definitely developed my communication and networking skills, and for that I am very grateful.


OrcaTV Logo

These are definitely my four most time consuming commitments on campus. Even though they take up a lot of time during the day and keep me up late at night (sometimes till 4 or 5 am – shhh don’t tell my mom) I am happy to be involved in each. This is because from each I learn new things and develop skills in areas that I otherwise would have no access to. For instance, at the DMC I can learn how to use an audio studio, from the admissions videography team I can cultivate my filmmaking kills, by doing research I can learn how to use new 3D modeling softwares, and through OrcaTV I can develop better communication skills. Even though if when I’m older these interests are a thing of the past, I still would be proud to have once been a part of them. 

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