We’re in the thick of midterms at Hopkins right now, and the weather is cooling down to a range of temperatures in which I thrive: 60’s – low 70’s, light jacket / scarf weather. After a week of back-to-back exams and essays, I haven’t been getting outside much, save the occasional walk to and from study spaces — but I was repeatedly struck by a) the abundance of trees on campus (sometimes in my haste to get around, I take them for granted) and b) how many casually beautiful ways the light trickles through them as the season changes (fall is Hopkins at its best).

On the walk up to the library, ~4 in the afternoon. Simple and sylvan and good.

But the main campus walkways aren’t the only places with this kind of view. There are plenty of underappreciated corners of campus and its surrounding treelined paths that make ideal strolling spots after a long day studying indoors, like this path behind the Rec Center on the way to Bloomberg:

It’s a wall of trees that eventually leads into a small mass of woods behind campus, one that I wish extended into an infinite mass (but alas, Hampden exists,  and connects Hopkins with the rest of civilization).

Finally, my favorite of all the sylvan paths around Hopkins: the small patch of trees that brings you from the back of campus to the BMA, a more quiet nook away from the linear brickways that directly link campus building to campus building (and are heavier with foot traffic):