Dear High School Me,

Before you get too freaked out, please know that this message is not coming to you from beyond the grave. It’s two years later, and you’re very much still alive, despite your numerous close encounters with the JHMI when crossing N Charles in the morning. (Yes, after two years of college, you’re just as unaware of your surroundings, but we’ll work on that later.)

I/ you/ we (the laws of grammar are a little foggy in this case) are just eleven short days away from turning twenty and are rapidly approaching the halfway point of our college career. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Right now, you’re worried about which shoes to wear to prom (update: you’ll take them off after 15 minutes of dancing) and gearing up for graduation and the senior trip to Disney (wear sunscreen). You’re also a little nervous about this whole ‘college’ thing.

this will still be your default selfie face

this will still be your default selfie face

At the halfway point, I can tell you that everything is going to be just fine.


It’s going to be nothing like you expect, and you’re going to be challenged in every possible way, but you’re going to be fine. More than that, you’re going to be happy and successful and surprisingly still alive despite your lack of culinary skills and aforementioned numerous close encounters with motor vehicles.

School is going to be adjustment. You’re going to fail the first test of college. By a lot. As someone who has never before failed an exam, you’re going to call Mom crying and fill yourself with doubts about why you were even accepted to this place. Relax. That’s what covered grades are for, and you’ll end up getting an A in physics anyway. You’ll learn that B level is where you study best and that your peers are better at explaining than any textbook on the planet. Also, maybe don’t attempt to study while lying on the floor. You will fall asleep.

You’re going to have no idea what you want to do after college. Just know that you’re going to think about being pre-med for a fleeting moment before ruling out that career path. At the halfway point, you’re still not going to have it figured out, and that’s pk. You will have ruled out some options, and the backup plan of working for Disney will still very much be in the back of your mind.


You and Disney will remain acquainted


You’re going to make friends who are simultaneously the most intelligent, eclectic, and best people you will ever meet. You’ll have people who will dance around the living room with you, sneak food into the movies with you, and who will just lay on the floor with you when life gets stressful. These are your people. Maybe you should let them know every now and again how much they rock.




Baltimore will become your home. Memories will become attached to places all around the city, from the place where you ran that 5k that time to the bench in the Harbor where you sat after eating too much pizza at Iggie’s and laughed and watched the water.

one of many future selfies ft. the harbor

one of many future selfies ft. the harbor

Your coffee habit will grow from two cups a day to five and you’re going to develop a hobby of photoshopping people’s faces onto things. You’re not going to sleep enough and you’re going to eat more hummus and Indian takeout than you could ever imagine.

But you’ll be fine.

You'll also instagram too many sunsents

You’ll also instagram too many sunsets

Also while the subject was brought up earlier, don’t wear those heels to prom. You’re going to regret it.

no really. despite the smile, you'll regret those shoes.

no really. despite the smile, you’ll regret those shoes.


Future You